partial ODEONQUARTET repertoire list


a – b

Arthur Marc Bachmann – Into the Night (US premiere)
Samuel Barber – String Quartet, Op. 11
Kevin Barrans – String Quartet (commission & premiere)
Greg Bartholomew – The Far North Land, Suite for Razumov (world premiere)
Béla Bartók – String Quartet No. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven –
Quartet in F Major, Opus 59, No. 1
Quartet in A Major, Op. 18, No. 5
Ken Benshoof – Traveling Music No. 4, Swing Low (commission)
Johannes Brahms –
Quartet in A Minor, Opus 51, No. 2
Piano Quintet in F Minor, Opus 34
Benjamin Britten – Quartet No. 2 in C Major, Op. 36

C – F

Aaron Copland – Appalachian Spring (for 13 players)
Henry Cowell – Quartet No. 4
George Crumb – Black Angels
Tine Davidson – Cassandra Sings
Claude Debussy – String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 10
Stuart Diamond – The Skies of Thunder Moon (commission & premiere)
Josh Dobson – Midnight Menagerie (commission & premiere)
Antonin Dvorák –
String Quartet No. 12, Op. 96 “American”
Piano Quintet in A Major, Op. 81
Garry Eister – Quintet for Glass Armonica and Strings (Seattle premiere)
Nathaniel Evans – Candy Cigarettes (commission & premiere)
Marcello Freitas – Overcast (commission & premiere)

G – H

Michael Galasso – Quartet
Anthony Gatto – Black Dog, Lucky Dog (quartet and electric guitar – Seattle premiere)
George Gershwin – Lullaby
Philip Glass –
String Quartet No. 2
String Quartet No. 5
Alexander Glazunov – 5 Novelettes, String Quintet in A Major, Op. 39
Osvaldo Golijov –
Lullaby and Doina
Dreams and Prayers for Isaac the Blind
Eric Goetz – Music for Chamber Orchestra (commission & premiere)
Henryk Gorecki – Quartet No. 2
Nathan Grigg – INIT (commission & premiere)
Josef Haydn – String Quartets
Steve Heuring – Cloud Waltz (commission & premiere)
Ben Hogue – Music from Arcanum (Seattle premiere)
Robin Holcomb – Carry Over (premiere)
Wayne Horvitz –
These Hills of Glory for Quartet and Improviser (commission & premiere)
Whispers, Hymns and a Murmur
Tim Huling – The Siren and the Rocky Shoal (commission & premiere)

I – L

Leoš Janácek – String Quartet No. 2 – “Intimate Letters”
Pierre Jalbert – Icefield Sonnets Tunde Jegede – Lamentations (US premiere)
Thomas Oboe Lee –
Morango, Almost a Tango
Piano Quintet (Seattle premiere)
Laura Kaminsky – Transformations II (commission & premiere)
Pavel Karmanov –
QuaREtet Michael Music (piano, strings and video)
Forellenquintet (piano, strings and video)
Aaron Jay Kernis – Quartet No. 2
Deborah Lee – The Flying Man of Pocklington
Johan Lindgren – Viola Quintet
Ljova – Bagel on the Malecon (Seattle premiere)

M – P

Kam Morrill – String Quartet No. 1 (Seattle premiere)
W. A. Mozart –
Quartet in A Major, K. 464
Quintet in C Major, K. 515
Quintet in G Minor, K. 516
Quintet for Glass Armonica and Strings, K. 617 (Seattle premiere)
Adagio and Rondo for Glass Armonica and Strings, K. 619
Geoffrey Ogle – Quartet No. 1 (commission & premiere)
Harry Partch – String Quartet
Arvo Pärt – Fratres
Astor Piazzola – Tanguedia
Brian Scott Phraner – Chamber Music No. 1 (commission & premiere)
Alexander Prior – String Quartet (commission)

Q – S

Ture Rangstrom – String Quartet
Maurice Ravel – String Quartet in F Major
Sergei Rachmaninoff – Two Movements for String Quartet
Brian R. Russell – Lyrical Passages for Small Ensemble (commission & premiere)
Jovino Santos Neto – MARAMBAIA for String Quartet
Greg Schlimm – Toboggan (commission & premiere)
Franz Schubert –
String Quartet in A Minor
String Quartet in D Minor “Death and the Maiden”
Cello Quintet in C Major
Alfred Schnittke – Quartet No. 3
Robert Schumann – Piano Quintet in E flat Major, Op. 44
Alex Shapiro –
Five Squared
Current Events
Dmitri Shostakovich –
String Quartet No. 3
String Quartet No. 4
String Quartet No. 8
Jean Sibelius – String Quartet in D Minor, Op. 56 “Intimate Voices”
Zachary Smith – Common Ground (commission & premiere)

T – Z

Jennifer Taylor – String Quartet No. 2 (commission & premiere)
Jeff Tolbert – Nymphaes (commission & premiere)
Joan Tower – In Memoriam Reza Vali – String Quartet No. 3
Marcello Zarvos – Nepomuk’s Dances (Seattle premiere)